MIVAC Development is primarily owned by the Holding company at Gothenburg University, the research center MIVAC together with innovators and researchers at MIVAC.

Additional financial investors

In 2006 the Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research (SSF) invested 40 million Swedish crowns in the MIVAC center-of-excellence at Gothenburg University to expand on basic and applied research in the field of mucosal immunobiology and vaccines. One specific goal was to stimulate academic innovative research to be taken into a commercialization process. Therefore, MIVAC established a commercialization platform to take early stage inventions into a verification and validation phase and started the MIVAC Development company to secure IP-rights and explore the commercial potential of the inventions. MIVAC Development has received financial and technical support from the Västra Götalands Region (VGR) and from several other organizations devoted to strengthening the competitiveness of Swedish research innovation. To the latter category, MIVAC Development has benefited from grant support for individual projects, especially from VINNOVA, Sahlgrenska Science Park, Innovationsbron and Innovationskontor Väst.