ARF news story

The AβCCTM invention receives attention on the Alzheimer Research Forum webpage.

A news story on the recent PNAS paper (see related news) describing the AβCCTM peptide was posted to the Alzheimer Research Forum website on September 3 (click here to read it). The article summarizes the main scientific findings presented in the PNAS paper, and the potential applications of this engineered peptide.

The inventors A. Sandberg and T. Härd have a patent (pending approval) on the AβCCTM peptide, and have transferred the IPR to MIVAC Development. A. Sandberg now carries out verification work and exploits further potential applications of the AβCCTM peptide for MIVAC Development. T. Härd conducts research at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences in Uppsala (click here to pay a visit), and on occasion acts as a consultant for MIVAC Development.

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